Why Keeping Taxidermy In Your Home Is Considered Unlucky

Everyone has different designs and décor tastes around the home. Although modern industrial furniture’s sleek and stylish look may appeal to one person, it could make the boho-chic lover shiver in distaste. Especially when it comes to home décor and art pieces, what’s attractive to one person may be repulsive to the next. But could your sense of style actually be unlucky?

Some feng shui experts note that some décor choices could give rise to negative vibes in your household. Such things as displaying dried flowers may bring about a sense of trapped energy, or having a cracked glass countertop or picture frames around could portray low self-esteem or even imply betrayal, according to Realtor. But where does taxidermy lie on the unlucky list?

When thinking about taxidermy, one’s mind may wander to vast displays of delicately stuffed animals from all over the planet that are showcased at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. There, you can stare in awe at the magnitude of life-sized elephants and bears without the threat of being next to the living thing.

However, although we may see the scientific relevance and even artistic qualities in preserving these incredible creatures as they once lived, this doesn’t mean it would make for a positive home decorating decision. Even so, this superstition may vary from culture to culture depending on their beliefs, but here are some reasons why keeping stuffed animals in your home may be considered unlucky.

What makes taxidermy at home unlucky?
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There could be polarizing views as to why you would want to display taxidermy pieces in the home. It could be a way of honoring the beauty of the animal or insect, but for others, it might stand as an ego boost to showcase that big fish that was caught. Home décor is a matter of personal preference; however, in this case, some may say that having those stuffed critters around the home may be creating bad vibes.

There are many reasons why taxidermy may bring about some bad luck, and a lot of it seems to deal with the fact that displaying these pieces surrounds you with dead energy. According to feng shui consultant Karen Rauch Carter, a caught fish has negative symbolism. When you’re unnaturally hanging it high on your wall, it could make it feel like you’re struggling below water or having trouble rising above the surface.

Also, having something that was once so full of energy and life only now shown to be motionless could bring about feelings of depression and stagnation. If the animal or fish you have in view has horns, spikes, or sharp features, it may induce a feeling of being stabbed whenever you’re close to it. If you simply can’t part with your stuffed collection, then there’s a way of balancing the room’s energy by adding plenty of plant life. This boost of living vivacity could even the scales of dead décor.

Taxidermy displays could hurt the sale of your home
Many things can carry a negative impact on the sale of your home. For example, having an unattractive curb appeal with an unkempt lawn and chips of paint peeling off the house’s side is enough to stop potential buyers from even stepping through the door. However, a good first impression is not all that is needed when trying to sell your home. In order to get the most return on your investment, you should pay close attention to wants on the inside and how it shows to future homebuyers.

Staging can be key to displaying your place in the best light. This means making your residence immaculate, repainting, decluttering, and removing personal items, which in most cases includes niche décor, according to CBC. This means that if you want to sell your home speedily, you might want to clear out your taxidermy. Not all potential buyers will share the same passion for stuffed or dismembered animals; in fact, it may send them running for the exits.

According to Realtor, people want to envision new possibilities and picture themselves living in the home they are potentially buying. That becomes incredibly difficult when tiny glass eyes follow you around the room. Also, depending on the locale of your residence, not all people take kindly to hunters, so you wouldn’t want them to cast a negative light on the property just because of the chosen décor.

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